Contribution and Liability Subrogation

Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. (MWL) represent insurance companies, self-insureds, and third-party adjusting vendors in actions seeking equitable or contractual contribution in connection with property and liability insurance policy obligations. Often overlooked in the maze of subrogation law are the ubiquitous contribution claims for defense costs and settlements paid in construction cases, environmental liability, and other large losses. Liability insurers who have settled large claims on Commercial General Liability (CGL) paper may have opportunities to seek contribution from other parties whose negligence contributed to causing a loss or damage.

MWL has had a great deal of success in representing commercial insurers who successfully defended construction defect cases to pursue contribution of court-ordered attorneys’ fees and costs from unsuccessful plaintiffs. Pursuing contribution against joint tortfeasors and their insurers after defending and settling cases involving personal injury and wrongful death claims serves the principles of civil justice and helps your bottom line. Our attorneys published a nationwide insurance coverage treatise entitled Fundamentals of Insurance Coverage In All 50 States, published by Juris Publishing, Inc., New York, that memorialized the firm’s expertise on insurance coverage – including coverage in the area of environmental law – and now serves as the insurance industry’s “Bible” on the subject nationwide.

We assist our clients in recognizing and realizing such contribution opportunities, in all 50 states, Mexico and Canada.

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