We have for nearly four decades aggressively handled the subrogation and recovery needs of Lloyds underwriters and the London Market, as well as representation of all Lloyds syndicates in admiralty, cargo recovery/subrogation, property damage, and maritime related personal injury cases. We have recovered ten-figure Lloyds’ losses and subrogated in foreign countries for London Market insurers, brokers, and underwriters. In one Lloyds’ claim alone, we turned a naturally-occurring inland marine disaster into more than $7 million in subrogation recoveries, and also brokered a deal bringing back a major auto manufacturer as an insured to the London market as a result of the recovery. Everybody was a winner.

MWL regularly visits its London clients, performing closed and open file subrogation reviews, and giving subrogation seminars. We have routinely brought syndicates together to apportion both the cost of subrogation efforts and the benefits of large subrogation recoveries. Understanding the London market as well as the “Lloyds way of doing things” is a necessity in order to successfully implement both recognition of and action on subrogation potential.

The complexity and global reach of Lloyds and the London Market requires a law firm with just as broad of a reach when it comes to subrogation. We have experiencing dealing and interacting with brokers, agents, underwriters and syndicates. This translates into larger and faster subrogation recoveries. MWL has presented in-person subrogation seminars and training sessions in the London Market and in the Lloyds claims building on Lime street. This is because the London market and the Lloyds syndicates are built on personal relationships.