PDF Fillable Referral Forms

REFERRAL OF FILES TO MWL JUST BECAME EASIER. If you choose not to use our website’s file referral tool to submit your file, MWL also offers our File Referral Forms in PDF format. Just click on the File Referral Form link below relating to your file type to open the form. Once opened, save the form to your computer, and type the answers to the questions by tabbing or clicking into fields throughout the form. Once you have completed the form to the best of your ability, save your work. These forms are printable. In whatever manner you choose, forward the completed File Referral Form, along with the file, to the address located at the top of the form or directly to Gary Wickert at gwickert@mwl-law.com. There is no need to send a cover letter when using our File Referral Forms. If you have questions regarding referring a file, see our FAQ page, your answer may be there.

Disclaimer: Sending a file to MWL through this feature, e-mail, fax, regular mail, or by other means, doesn’t guarantee our retention, as that determination will be made after MWL’s evaluation of the file. Upon MWL’s receipt of a new file, clients are contacted via e-mail to confirm the file has been received and that it is in the process of being evaluated for possible handling by MWL. Following said evaluation, clients receive written notification as to whether or not MWL will be willing to handle your file. If you send a file and don’t hear from us within an appropriate amount of time, please contact MWL to ensure we received your file.