“Where’s The Beef?” Subrogating Livestock/Vehicle Collisions In All 50 States is the most thorough treatment of this area of subrogation law ever assembled. Even more than other areas of subrogation, the laws regarding liability of livestock owners are esoteric, complex, and in a constant state of flux and change. Even a thorough understanding of state law on the subject leaves one lacking for the full legal picture, as many states allow individual counties to pass local stock laws relevant only to accidents occurring within that county. The book helps the claims professional with even the smallest of claims by providing relevant case and statutory law to cite to liability adjusters who might otherwise simply deny the claim. It also helps subrogation attorneys by providing the resource tools necessary to litigate this area of the law in which the law varies not only from state to state and county to county, but quite literally, from one side of the street to the other.

Another useful resource contained within this book can be found in Sections 1.4 and 1.5 of Chapter One, entitled, “Purposes of Subrogation” and “Anti-Subrogation Arguments”. These sections contain a strong policy argument in favor of subrogation – something sorely missing within this area of the insurance industry. These arguments can be used in appellate briefs as well as correspondence with third-party claims professionals with whom you are negotiating for resolution of a claim. They also contain a rundown on the most prevalent anti-subrogation arguments we run across in our business and counter-arguments to those positions. It’s time to defend public policy and the societal/economic benefits of subrogation, and these two sections serve as a starting point.

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Published by Juris Publishing, Inc., New York, New York. The publisher has made this book available in hard copy and in an electronic downloadable format, which gives you the option of buying the book as a whole or by chapters. You can purchase this book through our publisher by clicking HERE.

Subrogating Livestock/Vehicle Collisions