Reference Charts

MWL’s reference charts are the website’s most popular feature and include 50-state treatment of areas of subrogation law ranging from workers’ compensation to health insurance to automobile insurance.

Laws By State

Our interactive 50-state map puts a summary of each state’s laws affecting or impacting subrogation recoveries at your fingertips.

Published Articles

Over the last 25 years MWL’s subrogation articles have been featured in virtually every trade and industry publication as well as MWL’s informative newsletters. Click here for our newsletter library searchable by keyword, date, and area of subrogation.


Our monthly newsletters feature new laws, case decisions, and popular subrogation issues facing our industry. Here you can search nearly three decades of informative subrogation issues and topics.

Published Books

MWL’s published subrogation books represent the most thorough, comprehensive, and ambitious anthology of subrogation-related legal treatises ever put to paper. Published by Juris Publishing, Inc, in New York, these treatises have been cited as authoritative by the courts of appeal and supreme courts of several states as well as sitting judges across the country.

Subrogation Benefits

Subrogation is not always well understood, nor its many societal benefits appreciated. It is constantly under attack even by those who benefit from it. Judges and legislators often do not appreciate the history or purpose of insurance subrogation. MWL provides ammunition here for those tasked with defending insurance subrogation.

Resource Links

We have compiled the who’s who of reference links necessary for effective subrogation and advocacy. This is the kitchen sink of insurance/subrogation-related website resource links from around the world—from weather sites to criminal record searches to directories of forensic expert witnesses.