Workers’ Compensation Subrogation In All 50 States is the most complete and thorough treatise covering workers’ compensation subrogation ever published. This book not only covers the basics of workers’ compensation subrogation – Who can bring a third-party action? Who qualifies as a third-party? How is a recovery allocated once recovery is made? Is the carrier’s lien reduced by the worker’s attorney’s fees and litigation costs? How and when can a carrier receive statutory credit for monies recovered by the worker and a reserve take-down – it also gets into the most complex, yet equally important aspects of workers’ compensation subrogation – contractual limitations to subrogation, waivers of subrogation, indemnity and hold harmless issues, statutory employer defenses, Exclusive Remedy Rule exceptions such as the Dual Capacity Doctrine and intentional act exceptions, medical and legal malpractice, conversion of liens, application of the Made Whole Doctrine, employer contribution actions, longshore and harbor workers’ compensation (LHWCA), Defense Base Act (DBA), War Hazards Compensation Act (WHCA), traps and pitfalls in construction settings, and borrowed servant and staff leasing industry issues. This book is intended to introduce the workers’ compensation claims handler, in-house counsel, and subrogation professionals to some of the more esoteric and complex subrogation issues encountered in today’s workers’ compensation insurance subrogation marketplace.

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Published by Juris Publishing, Inc., New York, New York. The publisher has made this book available in hard copy and in an electronic downloadable format, which gives you the option of buying the book as a whole or by chapters. You can purchase this book through our publisher by clicking HERE.