REFERRING A FILE TO MWL HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER. This feature allows you to refer a file to MWL in two easy steps directly through our website. Utilizing MWL’s file referral forms are more than merely “convenient”. They ask the relevant questions and allow us to hit the ground running once we receive the file. Rest assured that MWL has taken all precautions to ensure that all data that is transferred to MWL through this feature is secure and encrypted so that it cannot be read or seen by anyone other than MWL.

Step One: Select your loss type from the drop down menu and provide your contact information.

Step Two: Provide as much information as possible on the file you are referring by entering information in the blanks provided on the form. The last part of this step allows you to attach your file, no matter the size, and submit it to MWL for evaluation. Just click the Browse button to select the documents from your system that you want to submit. Submitting documents in this step is optional. If you prefer, you can submit the file referral form and then send the file under separate cover in whatever manner you choose.

Once you submit your file using this feature, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that will contain the information you entered into the file referral form and a list of the attachments, which can be saved to your computer to be memorialized in your activity log as part of your claim file.

Note: If you would prefer not to forward your file electronically through this feature, feel free to use our downloadable PDF file referral forms that can be filled out, printed, and/or saved to your system. To e-mail the PDF file referral form, along with its attachments, no matter the size, click HERE. If you have questions regarding referring a file, see our FAQ page, your answer may be there.

Disclaimer: Thank you for submitting your file for review and possible handling by Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. via our website file referral feature. Referral of a file and/or your receipt of this electronic message does not, in and of itself, mean that MWL can or will accept the file for handling or that an attorney/client relationship has been established. A MWL attorney will review your file and contact you via e-mail or phone to discuss their evaluation of the file. There may be conflicts which prevent us from accepting a matter or there may be impending deadlines which make it impractical to take legal action in the time remaining. If there are any statutes of limitations, statutes of repose, notice deadlines, filing timelines, etc., which may be applicable to the matter you are referring which are less than thirty (30) days, you must separately bring those to our attention and we must agree to accept the matter notwithstanding such impending filing or notice deadlines, before we can be responsible for protecting your rights. If it is determined by both us, as your attorney, and you, as our client, that this file can and should be pursued, and that a particular fee agreement will be employed, the attorney will confirm and you must acknowledge MWL’s retention and the fee arrangement in writing so there is no confusion as to MWL’s retention or handling of a particular legal matter. Submission of a potential legal matter to us via the firm’s website does not create an attorney-client relationship, unless and until MWL and you agree to the terms of such representation.  Until that takes place, we will not have entered into an attorney/client relationship with regard to the legal matter sent to us for review and MWL cannot be responsible for any deadlines or the expiration of any critical timelines. We thank you for entrusting us with the review of this file and we look forward to the possibility of working with you!