We are the nation’s top cargo subrogation law firm. MWL attorneys have an extensive knowledge of the complex federal rules and regulations related to the interstate and international transportation of Cargo. We have handled thousands of cargo subrogation claims involving damage to cargo caused by motor-carriers, ocean liners, railways, and airplanes. Our attorneys are well versed in the Carmack Amendment (interstate auto/rail), Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (ocean carriage), Harter Act (ocean carriage), Montreal Convention (airway transport), and many other similar legal regimes that may dictate the outcome of your claim.

Cargo claims can be exceptionally complex and involve numerous parties and dozens of jurisdictions. In the world of multi-model transportation it is not uncommon for the same cargo to be shipped by plane, train, automobile and boat during just period of several days. It is equally common for the cargo to travel through many states, or even numerous foreign nations, prior to the damage ever being recognized. MWL has a global presence and can assist with the litigation of Cargo claims anywhere in the world. Whether the shipment is from Boise to Detroit or Rotterdam to Taiwan, MWL has the expertise to litigate your claim and maximize your cargo recoveries.

MWL attorney’s are experts in pursuing cargo claims involving damage to household goods. Carmack provides strong protections to shippers who move household goods. Carriers of household goods are required to disclose more details on the bill of lading and adhere to a higher released rate set. Carriers cannot contract out of liability under the Carmack Amendment, but they may negotiate released rates, which are the artificial values at which the transported goods are to be carried at. The released rate will determine the amount that a shipper can recover from the carrier for goods damaged during transport. Knowledgeable counsel can often defeat an invalid Bill of Lading, which could mean the difference between a recovery of 10 cents per pound and a recovery for the actual value of all goods destroyed.

Whether you are working for an insurance carrier, self-insured commercial carrier, shipper, or small owner-operator, our firm has the knowledge and willingness to aggressively pursue your cargo claims.