MWL lawyers have more experience than any other firm in the recovery of claim payments from mass tort, multi-district (MDL), or class action litigation. Its lawyers have mass tort subrogation experience dating as far back as the breast implant litigation against Dow Corning in the 1980s which resulted in a $3.2 billion settlement. From DuPuy Orthopedics, Inc. for their defective hip replacement systems to opioid claims to claims against product manufacturers for losses around the country, our lawyers have subrogated in and litigated mass torts involving many different products, including industrial machinery, automobiles, and even Agent Orange. Bundling these claims makes the subrogation effort cost-effective; and we work with our clients to coordinate with mass tort and class action settlement funds in order to maximize our clients’ subrogation recoveries. Our lawyers have been hired as experts within the opioid litigation itself, and we handle auto product liability claims, construction materials defect claims, class action litigation, multi-district litigation, and the aggregation of hundreds of tort cases involving subrogation interests. MWL is currently overseeing the massive Texas Freeze claims against energy providers and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

A class action is one claim for many people. An MDL is many cases for many people. A common mistake is to think that “mass tort” is simply the method of approaching the case. However, it is actually just a type of injury. The class-action lawsuit and MDL are ways to compensate plaintiffs for that injury. Knowing whether to join mass tort efforts or go it alone is a key decision when faced with subrogating against large manufacturers or government entities with unlimited defense budgets. MWL has the experience to assist you in making that determination and following through with the handling of these cases.