We handle subrogation claims for losses occurring on the navigable waters, such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. This includes losses occurring during many of the commercial activities that, although land based, are maritime in nature. This includes aggressive subrogation of Lloyds underwriters and the London Market, as well as representation of all insurers in admiralty, cargo recovery/subrogation, property damage, and maritime related personal injury cases.

Inland marine insurance policies provide insurance coverage for property in transit over land and other moveable property. There is also exposure for instruments of transportation, including roads, pathways, piers, bridges. Inland Marine claims can be complex in the unique nature of each claim and coverage. The damaged risks may include a damaged bridge, stolen jewelry, cargo loss, damage to a telephone tower, or a large variety of other losses. Attorneys handling inland marine cargo claims must understand the intricacies and web of interstate regulations, such as the Carmack Amendment, Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, Harter Act, intra-state bailment rules, and Montreal Convention. MWL attorneys are well versed in the regulations associated with these claims and have the experience to pursue inland marine claims anywhere in the world.

Ocean Marine insurance policies provide insurance coverage for the transportation of goods and/or merchandise by vessel/boat when crossing waters both domestic and foreign. The policy will also include coverage for damage to the vessel and liability arising from any occurrence during shipment. Ocean Marine claims necessitate a profound understanding of federal and international cargo rules and regulations, including the carriage of goods by sea act and Montreal Conventions. Our attorneys are well versed in the relevant regulations and knowledgeable in interpreting and challenging related contracts of carriage, including the Bill of Lading, Ocean Bill of Lading, or Airway Bill.  MWL will pursue your Ocean Marine subrogation claim anywhere in the world.

Our attorneys are experienced in the handling of subrogation claims arising from injuries that occur while traveling at sea on or an inland waterway. These coverage underlying these subrogation claims may stem from the ocean marine, workers’ compensation, occupational accident or other context. We have an extensive background in handling these claims and subrogating all medical or indemnity benefits paid out as a result of the injury.