Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. (MWL) routinely handles the toughest large loss property subrogation cases throughout the country. From plant explosions, fires, crane collapses, and large-scale contamination cases to large natural disasters, flood losses, windstorms, tornado, and hurricane damage. We have experience recovering under theories of inverse condemnation, bailment, strict liability, and spoliation, which enables us to place our expertise and experience precisely where and when you need it.

At MWL, our attorneys arrive on site with the necessary experts in order to preserve the key evidence and diagnose third-party liability. Our clients are offered immediate and accurate subrogation advice and opinions regarding the recovery potential in any given file, prompt and cost-effective investigations and site inspections, and coordination with experts culled from a database of experts we have compiled over the last 35 years, which are organized electronically by geography, discipline, and cost. The result is the right expert for your case.

Many large property loss subrogation cases are won or lost in the first few days following the Property Loss Notice. There is a short window in which to identify the right experts (both cause and origin and technical experts and consultants), identify and place any and all potentially liable parties on notice of scheduled inspections and destructive testing, and carefully retain and preserve not only the evidence necessary to prove our subrogation case, but also any and all evidence which the defendants might try to blame for the loss.

Unlike some firms, we don’t demand only the best and largest of your files, leaving the majority of your smaller files, often with contested liability, to be referred elsewhere. We value the small property file as much as the large one. Our aggressive and proactive subrogation techniques, along with the closed file reviews we do for our clients, has resulted in an interesting statistic which we are quite proud of – our largest subrogation recoveries have come in files which had been closed by the client and marked “No subrogation.” We take on the more challenging cases that demand time, creativity, extensive legal analysis, and the dedication and hard work necessary to claim subrogation victory for our clients. We would welcome the opportunity to employ the same techniques, expertise, and experience in both your large and small property loss claims.