Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. (MWL) remains the nation’s leading workers’ compensation subrogation firm. MWL has recovered for its clients nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars in subrogation recoveries, reimbursements, and future credits. Our attorneys are committed to maximizing recoveries for our clients and litigating third-party cases throughout North America. Our experience and knowledge in workers’ comp subrogation is second to none.

We represent workers’ compensation carriers, self-insured employers, and governmental entities in third-party litigation and the recovery of past liens and future credits in all 50 states and throughout the world. This includes the litigation and handling of issues relating to waivers of subrogation endorsements, the defense of employers sued for common law contribution and indemnity in third-party litigation, and the filing for and preservation of future credit rights. This includes Special Arbitration of workers’ compensation subrogation claims were applicable.

MWL attorneys get involved in workers’ comp cases from the moment a First Report is filed. We work directly with claims professionals and employers to identify third-party responsibility, locate and engage the top expert witnesses, and pursue third-party recovery through litigation and arbitration.

MWL has been instrumental in handling files in numerous states, which have effected changes in the laws governing workers’ comp subrogation, including:

  • The carrier’s ability to subrogate against uninsured motorist benefits;
  • The nature and type of payments that are recoverable;
  • Limiting attorney’s fees claimed by injured workers’ attorneys;
  • Recovery of attorney’s fees by the compensation carrier;
  • Consulted by the legislatures of various states when amending their statutes; and
  • The ability of a carrier to prosecute a third-party action on its own.

MWL wrote the book on workers’ comp subrogation! We are the law firm that publishes Workers’ Compensation Subrogation In All 50 States, published by Juris Publishing, Inc., New York, the best-selling national treatise used by industry professionals and practitioners throughout the country. To get the most subrogation dollars out of your file, rely on the subrogation firm with the most experience and expertise in workers’ comp subrogation.

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