When a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer is sued for an alleged design defect, manufacturing defect, and/or failure to warn related to a product, the stakes are high. The product itself, the reputation of the company, and the value of a brand are on the line. The outcome of a product liability case can dictate whether other claims are brought and/or the value of such claims in a way not often seen in other areas of law. MWL specializes in defending product claims for today’s most innovative, conscientious companies.

MWL’s product liability team focuses on one thing: results. Manufacturers and insurers frequently obtain defense attorneys who treat every case the same and act predictably – answer the complaint, send discovery, take some depositions, and inevitably pay a settlement. If this sounds familiar, we implore you to consider a better approach with a more capable team. At MWL, we immediately get to work understanding our client’s company, its business, and the product at issue. Only when all three are thoroughly understood can the client be provided the most effective representation.

Our focus on the uniqueness of each product, each client, and each claim, makes us the “go to” law firm for companies and insurers that care less about the number of attorneys on a firm’s letterhead and more about the expertise and results those attorneys can achieve. MWL has defended or managed the defense of product claims throughout the U.S.

MWL is particularly adept at handling the complex defense of Asian manufacturers. These companies are often portrayed unfairly to juries and many firms push settlements of illegitimate product defect claims, because they are ill-equipped to representing foreign manufacturers. MWL’s defense of foreign manufacturers focuses first on the critical procedural defenses available to foreign companies too often forced to litigate cases in unfamiliar venues, because their attorneys lacked the expertise or commitment to take advantage of jurisdiction, service of process and other procedural defenses available to foreign companies. When cases must be litigated in the United States, our goal is the complete exoneration of every product for which an unfair product liability action is brought, the preservation of brand value and business relationships, and the discouragement of further “copy cat” claims.

In addition, at MWL, we practice what we preach. Ask your favorite “big law” attorney to compare his results to those of Attorney Schuster over the past few years alone, which include:

  • Landmark defense verdict and exoneration of product in a bellwhether federal court jury trial involving a product subject to hundreds of lawsuits alleging amputation and other serious injuries throughout the United States, earning recognition as the #2 Most Noteworthy Defense Verdict for the year 2015.
  • National Counsel for Leading Asian Distributor of Plumbing Part
  • National Counsel for Industry Leading Power Tool Maker
  • Guided clients through Section 15 reporting to CPSC and implementation of corrective action plans (“recalls”) related to alleged product hazards.
  • Victory for client on summary judgment based on lack of proper service of process.
  • Settlement of alleged significant spinal and brain injury product liability case for amount less than minor deductible for manufacturer.
  • Successful defense, management, and/or resolution of at least 50 claims involving Asian manufacturers.

MWL’s roster of product liability lawyers includes an attorney who is also a mechanical engineer, an attorney proficient in Mandarin Chinese, attorneys who have guided companies through product risk management and mitigation, attorneys who have counseled companies through recall issues and, of course, attorneys with decades of experience defending product liability lawsuits.

In fact, MWL’s expertise in defending manufacturers is not just recognized by insurers and industry members, but also by other attorneys. Our attorneys have been invited guests at product liability legal conferences in the United States, given presentations to industry and manufacturing groups in Asia, been invited to speak to insurance leaders gathered from all continents, and have trained insurance claim department personnel for global insurers around the world. Organizations that invite the MWL team members to their conferences understand that our knowledge of the unique defenses available to foreign manufacturers is not just deep on a theoretical level; it achieves results for our clients.