Manufacturer Defense

Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C.’s (MWL) unmatched product liability team defends product liability actions brought against corporate clients and their insurers. Our team’s expertise, national resources, and focus on an aggressive defense of product and brand reputation form the core of the MWL product defense approach. The MWL Approach to product defense is forged from our team’s expertise and grounded in decades of experience defending product liability actions. However, where other firms rest on their experience alone, MWL’s experience is just one of our attributes. Many firms have experience, but it is how that experience guides the handling of the next case that matters most.

MWL’s product liability team features attorneys with engineering backgrounds, attorneys proficient in Mandarin Chinese, attorneys who have guided companies through product risk management and mitigation, attorneys who have counseled companies through recall issues, and attorneys with decades of experience defending product liability lawsuits. MWL’s expertise and product knowledge spans industries and global communities. We defend manufacturers as locally as Wisconsin and as globally as Taiwan and China. We have broad knowledge of the bicycle industry, baby products, power tools, and other product categories. Our team members’ familiarity with Asian companies and corporate culture is a critical advantage, not only in achieving results, but also in preserving and furthering important positive relationships between insurer and insured through trust-building.

In fact, our expertise in defending Asian and other manufacturers is not just recognized by insurers and industry members, but also by other attorneys. Our attorneys have been invited guests at product liability legal conferences in the U.S., given presentations to industry and manufacturing groups in Asia, been invited to speak to insurance leaders gathered from all continents, and have trained insurance claim department personnel for global insurers around the world. Organizations that invite the MWL team members to their conferences understand that our knowledge of the unique defenses available to foreign manufacturers is not just deep on a theoretical level; it achieves results for our clients.

No firm is better equipped to help manufacturers or insurers defend and resolve major product liability claims from first notice through trial or settlement. Attorney Schuster and our team have managed or participated in product defenses from Florida to Washington, California to New Jersey in the past year alone. Our team defends cases of any size, from “nuisance value” to $20,000,000 demands.

Lastly, the MWL product team fully understands that product liability defense expenses are higher, as a function of premium revenue, than for any other type of claim, including medical malpractice claims. So our Approach focuses not only on the product and company reputation, but also on business realities that must guide insurer and corporate decision-making.

Let the MWL product team work for you, and find out why our product defense Approach is causing manufacturers and insurers the world over to scrap the standard, cost-ineffective approach to product defense in favor of the MWL Approach.

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