Join MWL for a Free Webinar on Advanced Concepts of California Workers’ Comp Subrogation

Katherine A. Sandoval will be presenting a MWL webinar on Advanced Concepts of California Workers’ Compensation Subrogation on May 11, 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00 p.m. (CDT).

California Workers' Compensation Subrogation WebinarThere are very few areas in which the law of each individual state vary more and are applied as differently, than in the area of workers’ compensation subrogation. While the basic parameter of workers’ compensation claims from state to state remain somewhat constant, the laws regarding subrogation and the application of those laws vary greatly. California is one of the most complicated states when it comes to workers’ compensation subrogation. In California, workers’ compensation is mandatory for all employers, even if the company has one employee. In 2018, California had over 650,000 workers’ compensation cases filed.

This advanced course will go into the more complex aspects of California workers’ comp subrogation, such as employer negligence, allocation of third-party recovery, attorneys’ fees and costs, how future credit works, third-party compromise and release, waivers of subrogation, borrowed servant doctrine, jurisdiction of the Workers’ Comp Appeals Board, and other issues affecting subrogation.

This webinar is a continuation of MWL’s previous webinar on Introduction to California Workers’ Compensation Subrogation. It will benefit claims professionals in all levels of experience who have workers’ compensation subrogation responsibilities in the Golden State.

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