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Education is KeyThe vagaries and complexity of nationwide subrogation have, for many lawyers and insurance professionals, made keeping current with changing subrogation law in all fifty states an arduous and laborious task. It is the goal of Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. (MWL), through our newsletters, website blog, subrogation webinars, and social media pages, to assist in the dissemination of new developments in subrogation law and the continuing education of recovery professionals.

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As always, if you are a client and would like a one-on-one subrogation training webinar, please contact our marketing director, Jamie Breen at [email protected]. To be a client, just refer a subrogation file to us. Our website has a Refer A File feature, where you can refer a file safely to us via our website in two easy steps, including attaching your file, no matter the size. This means having your file in the hands of an experienced subrogation attorney in minutes.

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