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Insurance Coverage And The Subrogation Professional

Subrogation professionals might read the title to this article and wonder what subrogation and the confounding labyrinth of insurance coverage might have in common. After all, aren’t we all comfortably nestled in the subrogation world so that we don’t have … Learn More

Virginia Court Of Appeals Rejects Attempt To Limit Workers’ Compensation Carrier’s Reimbursement To “Like Damages”

Stowers v. Georgia Pacific, LLC, 2022 WL 903486 (Va. App. 2022).   Trial lawyers in Virginia have been trying for decades to convince that state’s courts to rule that a workers’ compensation carrier is not subrogated to non-economic damages awarded … Learn More

Subrogating Shifting And Falling Cargo Cases

MWL sees more than its fair share of subrogation cases involving work-related injuries caused by shifting and falling cargo. If a truck’s cargo is not properly loaded or secured, the resulting workers’ compensation claims can be significant. We routinely see … Learn More