We are an approved Texas CE provider, but we have not gone through the approval process in any of the other states that require CE. With our providing our webinars at no cost to the attendees, it isn’t economically feasible for us to incur the cost and spend the time going through the process to be approved CE providers in all the states that require it. Originally, we began doing our webinars to provide extra training for our clients and we didn’t want to mess with the CE. But, after numerous requests for CE, we decided to get CE approved in one state. We picked Texas because at the time Texas was considered the “mother state” in our industry and it was our hope that with reciprocity agreements between most states, that if one state (Texas) approved it, the others would follow suit. However, we have found that not all states will do this. Each state has it own rules in this regard. We do not provide CLE credits at all.

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