What do I need to know about MWL Webinars?

Who do I contact with questions about MWL’s webinars?

For more information or questions regarding our seminars/webinars or for scheduling a seminar/webinar, please contact Jamie Breen at [email protected] or (800) 637-9176.

Do you provide CE or CLE credits for your webinars?

We are Texas Approved CE Providers so our webinars are Texas CE-accredited. We do not provide CE for the other states that require it nor do we provide CLE credits for any state.

Why don’t you provide CE or CLE for every state that requires it?

We are an approved Texas CE provider, but we have not gone through the approval process in any of the other states that require CE. With our providing our webinars at no cost to the attendees, it isn’t economically feasible for us to incur the cost and spend the time going through the process to be approved CE providers in all the states that require it. Originally, we began doing our webinars to provide extra training for our clients and we didn’t want to mess with the CE. But, after numerous requests for CE, we decided to get CE approved in one state. We picked Texas because at the time Texas was considered the “mother state” in our industry and it was our hope that with reciprocity agreements between most states, that if one state (Texas) approved it, the others would follow suit. However, we have found that not all states will do this. Each state has it own rules in this regard. We do not provide CLE credits at all.

How do I get CE or CLE credits in states other than Texas?

For those attendees who need CE credits in states other than Texas, upon request, MWL will provide you materials that will assist you in applying for approval of CE credit with your respective state insurance agency, including course outlines, syllabuses, and handouts. With reciprocity agreements between most states, it was our hope that if we got the course approved in Texas that the other states that require CE would approve the course as well, but with states getting more strict with rules regarding CE, we have found that states rarely comply with reciprocity. For those interested in CLE, we can provide you with the same materials that you can submit to your appropriate State Bar, but we have been told by others that have attempted to do this that it is most often not approved. Following a webinar, you can request a copy of the course materials for purposes of submitting the course for CE or CLE approval by contacting Jamie Breen at [email protected].

Does MWL provide CE credits for recorded webinars on the MWL website?

No, MWL does not provide CE credits for our recorded webinars found on our website. The Texas Department of Insurance will not allow or approve MWL to provide CE credits for the recorded webinars on our website. They will only allow or approve CE for MWL’s live webinars, which are presented about every other month. Keep an eye on our website for information on our upcoming live webinars. Registration links for our upcoming live webinars can be found on our homepage and our Blog page under upcoming events.

How do I schedule a webinar or seminar with MWL when I’m not a client?

MWL has been providing seminars to clients for decades and remains one of the leaders in continuing subrogation education for the insurance industry. While there is cost in both time and travel associated with presenting seminars and classes, we do offer these programs free-of-charge to clients for whom we handle a volume of work. The cost and timing of seminars for newer and potential clients and friends of our firm must be discussed on a case-by-case basis as there may be travel and/or presentation costs involved. We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate for presenting a seminar or webinar to your company. Please coordinate the scheduling of any such seminars or courses with Jamie Breen at [email protected] or (800) 637-9176.

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