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Check Your Everlotus Supply Lines: Interline Brands Settles Class Action Lawsuit Involving DuraPro Toilet Connectors

Almost everyone involved in handling property damage subrogation has faced a claim involving a failed water supply line that was sold or distributed by Interline Brands, Inc. These supply lines are often identified as “Everlotus” supply lines based on the … Learn More

Why Molten Lava And Insurance Don’t Mix

Subrogating Pele and the Goddess of Fire In the Hawaiian religion, Tūtū Pele is the goddess of fire and volcanoes and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiians believe Kilauea to be inhabited by a “family of fire gods”, one … Learn More

To Release Or Not To Release? That Is The Question

Extinguishing Third-Party Liability as a Prerequisite to Contribution The absence of a simple sentence in a release signed by the claimant after settling a liability claim is costing liability carriers millions of dollars in contribution recoveries across the country. By … Learn More

Subrogating E-Cigarette Explosions

E-cigarettes are advertised and sold as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. They literally burst onto the scene back in 2007 and are now a $7 billion global industry made up of roughly 500 brands. Some of the most popular brands … Learn More

Don’t Give Frozen Pipe Subrogation The Cold Shoulder

Most people remember from grade-school science class that water expands as it freezes. There is also a common misconception that this expanding ice physically causes a pipe to rupture. However, this expanding ice is often only one part of the equation, in … Learn More

Subrogation Doesn’t Take A Vacation For The Holidays

As the weather starts to turn colder (at least here in the Northern states), our thoughts turn to the holidays and all the joys of the season. Again, not to be a Grinch this season (see my previous article entitled “Subrogating Christmas” … Learn More


As a subrogation professional, often times one of the hardest aspects of the career to understand is that you have to put on your plaintiff’s “hat” in order to prove your case and make a recovery. This involves gathering facts and … Learn More

Must Hurricane Harvey Victims File Insurance Claims Before September 1?

As if the tragedy and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston and Gulf Coast region wasn’t bad enough, a few opportunistic trial lawyers and public adjusters have taken to social media urging Houston homeowners to file their insurance … Learn More

NFPA 921 FOR DUMMIES: How To Play The Fire Cause And Origin Game And Win

Every year, property insurers write checks totaling nearly $15 billion in response to fire losses, large and small. Fire claims average nearly $50,000 and are the most expensive type of claim filed, followed by hail claims at $11,000. Claims professionals … Learn More

The Slippery Slope Of Slip And Fall Cases Involving Snow And Ice

Injury and workers’ compensation cases involving slips and falls on snow and ice during winter in America’s northern states continue to be a perplexing subrogation puzzle for insurance claims and subrogation professionals. During the winter months, our office sees a … Learn More