Monthly Archives: August 2021

“Ultimate Sanction” Achieved Against Gree for Discovery Failures

In a matter still pending, my clients recently achieved default judgment as a sanction for egregious discovery conduct against Gree USA, Inc., Gree Zhuhai, Hong Kong Gree, and MJC America. Default judgment as a sanction is rare, which is probably … Learn More

Hurricane Ida Special Report – Damage from Falling Trees

We have recently seen an uptick in cases where a tree has fallen on to a neighbor’s house, with calamitous results. Hurricane Ida will likely only increase such claims. As the first-party claim by the homeowner is processed, subrogation professionals … Learn More

Texas Residential Construction Liability Act 101

Picture this. You build your dream home, or you add a new room onto your house. The first time it rains, you end up with a leaky roof, damaged walls, water on your floors, and your belongings require cleaning or … Learn More

Avoiding The Sutton Rule: Michigan Decision Makes Landlord/Tenant Subrogation Easier

The ability of a landlord’s property insurer to subrogate against a tenant for property damage caused by the negligence of the tenant depends on which state the loss occurs in and the nature and language of the lease involved. There … Learn More

Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer Is Hiring – Join Our Team!!

Join our team! MWL is a growing national subrogation and litigation firm with offices in Hartford, WI; New Orleans, LA; Santa Ana, CA; Austin, TX; and Jacksonville, FL. You can check out our current openings on Indeed here: Litigation Attorney … Learn More