Monthly Archives: January 2021

New Maryland Law Encourages Drivers To Drive Without Insurance

There is a pandemic afoot that may rival COVID-19 in the amount of destruction it leaves in its wake. Nearly one U.S. driver in eight is speeding around on American roads and highways without any liability insurance. Even though every … Learn More

Join MWL for a Complimentary Webinar on Subrogating Data Breaches, Cyber Attacks, and Other Tech Losses

Ashton Kirsch will be presenting a complimentary one-hour live webinar on Subrogating Data Breaches, Cyber Attacks, and Other Tech Losses on February 10, 2021 at 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. (Central). This webinar will cover the basics of subrogating data breaches, … Learn More

Subrogating Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits In Alabama

Workers’ compensation subrogation in Alabama isn’t as clear as it might otherwise appear—especially when an employee dies. Alabama’s Survival Statute, § 6-5-462, did not change the common law rule that a cause of action in tort does not survive in … Learn More

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Subrogation Rights Do Not Extend to PPD And Commutation Benefits

The Delaware Supreme Court recently affirmed a ruling which constitutes a potentially very dangerous and confusing opinion. Some might read the decision in ACW Corporation v. Maxwell, 2020 WL 678778 (Del. 2020) as a major departure from both the Delaware … Learn More