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General Contractor Overhead And Profit And AOB Insurance Scams

A storm is rising, and it is not the type which causes damage to homes and vehicles. It causes damage of a much more insidious nature. Following a storm or other natural disaster, canvassers hired by the “hail cartel”—lawyers or … Learn More

Arkansas Penalizes Workers’ Comp Carriers For Asserting Their Statutory Right Of Subrogation

When it comes to the apparent evils of workers’ compensation subrogation, the state of Arkansas truly believes that all an injured employee ever wants is a fair advantage. In Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. v. Youngblood, 2020 WL 5542443 (Ark. App. … Learn More

TAKING THE RED PILL: Follow MWL Deeper Into The Matrix Of Subrogation Via Social Media

The vagaries and complexity of nationwide subrogation have, for many lawyers and insurance professionals, made keeping current with changing subrogation law in all fifty states an arduous and laborious task. It is the goal of Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. … Learn More

OCIPs, CCIPs, and Wrap-Up Insurance: The Lesser-Known Subrogation Obstacles

Workers’ compensation subrogation has another growing adversary—one that can slip in during the cover of night, gutting subrogation, and reimbursement rights, even after an insurance company or third-party administrator has spent thousands of dollars in recovery efforts. It is known … Learn More