What fee arrangement does MWL use for subrogation?

Our experience has shown that the most cost-effective fee arrangement for handling insurance subrogation/recovery matters has been a time and expense basis. Where we are engaged to handle subrogation on such a basis, the same low hourly rates applicable in defense and coverage matters would apply. When the client prefers handling of subrogation matters on a contingency fee basis, you receive the same aggressive and quality representation as you would if we were on a time and expense basis, but our fees are calculated on a percentage of the subrogation recovery you receive, plus reasonable expenses. You are not charged for the traditional “overhead-type expenses” such as long distance telephone calls, facsimile charges, routine duplicating costs, and routine postage expenses, which are ordinarily necessary in the handling and development of any litigation matter, which many other firms do charge. The traditional contingency rates are as follows:

  • .25% Of Recovery If No Suit Is Filed
  • .33 1/3% Of Recovery If Suit Is Filed

MWL does enter into exclusive subrogation arrangements with certain clients that allow us to offer lower contingency rates and/or sliding scales. These lower rates are offset by referral of a higher number of cases from a particular client.

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