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Join MWL For A Webinar on “The Top Ten Mistakes Subrogation Carriers Keep Making”

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes,” Oscar Wilde famously said. Having represented the subrogation interests of insurance companies and self-insured companies around the world for the past 33 years, I’ve seen enough bad subrogation decisions to create … Learn More

North Dakota Fights Back Against Workers’ Compensation Subrogation Obstacles In Anti-Subrogation States

Plaintiff-friendly judges and legislators in various states have gained strength and influence over the last twenty years, resulting in statutes and court decisions inimical to the subrogation and reimbursement rights of workers’ compensation carriers. North Dakota is fighting back. On … Learn More

THIRD TIME’S A CHARM: Missouri Supreme Court Finally Gets FEHBA Preemption Right

Some states, including Missouri, are known as “anti-subrogation” states. Missouri’s public policy prohibits the assignment of a personal injury claim, whether it is called an assignment, subrogation interest, or agreement to reimburse. Hays v. Missouri Highways and Transp. Comm’n, 62 … Learn More