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New Nevada Supreme Court Decision Does Significant Damage To Workers’ Compensation Subrogation

In Nevada, when a workers’ compensation carrier is subrogated to the rights of the worker under § 616C.215, the carrier has a lien on the “total proceeds” of any third-party recovery. N.R.S. § 616C.215(5). This is true whether the recovery is … Learn More

ROBOCLAIMS: When Robots Injure Humans

Around the world, robots are increasingly being used to perform menial and complex labor tasks in the home and in the workplace. Robots are used in restaurant kitchens to make sushi and chop vegetables. They are also important earlier in … Learn More

IMPUTED CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE: Maximizing Auto Property Subrogation When Your Insured Wasn’t Driving

Effective auto property subrogation may seem simple, but it often requires a thorough understanding of some of the more confusing legal terms known to American civil jurisprudence. When the owner of a vehicle entrusts his or her vehicle to a … Learn More