Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. Introduces New Website

Already known for hosting the country’s premier insurance litigation website, recently Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. (MWL) unveiled its new website – a completely reworked, state-of-the-art, website. It has been 11 months in the making, and we are proud of the finished product – a website destined to become the country’s most-utilized insurance training resource. In this article, we will outline some of the new and improved features of our new website. Feel free to click on any of the links within this article to go directly to that feature or page on our new website.


This most anticipated and likely to be the most utilized feature of the new website is our new INTERACTIVE MAP: SUBROGATION LAWS BY STATE feature. The map allows the insurance professional to click on any state and instantly have access to the laws and other information which affects successful insurance litigation in that state, such as Statute of Limitations, contributory negligence/comparative fault, Med Pay/PIP subrogation, deductible reimbursement, Made Whole Doctrine, Economic Loss Doctrine, landlord/tenant subrogation, spoliation, parental liability, and contribution. In the near future, we will be adding additional categories such as workers’ compensation subrogation, occupational accident and health insurance subrogation, dog bite laws, employee leasing subrogation, and suspension of driver’s license laws. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the button on the left side of our homepage entitled “Subro Laws By State”, clicking on the map on the bottom left corner of our homepage, or through our RESOURCES tab on the main menu bar. The areas of law detailed in this Subro Laws By State feature are updated often and provide the insurance professional with easy and free access to materials which significantly affect the handling of your files. If you want a 50-state overview of a particular area of law – so you can compare how each state handles a similar issue, you can access this information in our SUBROGATION CHARTS as well.


As a full-service subrogation law firm, we take seriously our responsibility of keeping you up to date on the latest insurance developments and legal decisions. In an effort to keep you advised, we have added a new Blog feature. This feature will be a supplement to our very popular newsletter. In fact, our newsletter will now work hand-in-hand with this new Blog feature. The newsletter will contain short summaries or “teasers” about relevant insurance-related articles that when clicked on will bring you directly to our Blog where you can read the entire article or view other articles of interest already posted on our Blog. Our Upcoming Events are also posted in the right column of our Blog, including information on upcoming live webinars. You can get to our Blog by clicking on the Blog tab on the main menu bar.


Referring a file to MWL is now as easy as 1–2–3 with our new REFER A FILE feature. Utilizing MWL’s file referral forms are more than merely “convenient”. They ask the relevant questions and allow us to hit the ground running once we receive the file. To use this new feature, just click on the “Refer A File” button which can be accessed on the homepage or under the RESOURCES tab on the main menu. Referring a file can now be accomplished in three easy steps:

Step One: Select your loss type from the drop down menu and provide your contact information.

Step Two: Provide as much information as possible on the file you are referring. This will assist MWL in evaluating your file in a prompt and efficient manner.

Step Three: This step allows you to attach your file, no matter the size, and submit it to MWL for evaluation. Just click the Browse button to select the documents from your system that you want to submit. Once you submit your file using this feature, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that will contain the information you entered into the File Referral Form and a list of the attachments, which can be saved to your computer to be memorialized in your activity log as part of your claim file. Submitting documents in this step is optional. If you prefer, you can submit the File Referral Form and then send the file under separate cover in whatever manner you choose. Rest assured that MWL has taken all precautions to ensure that all data that is transferred to MWL through this website feature is secure and encrypted so that it cannot be read or seen by anyone else.

For those who chose not to refer files via the new “Refer A File” feature, we still have our traditional PDF FILE REFERRAL FORMS, which have also been updated and are now more user-friendly. You can access our PDF Referral File Referral Forms via our main Refer A File page or through the RESOURCES tab on the main menu. Once you get to our PDF File Referral Form page, you can click on the File Referral Form relating to the type of file you are referring (e.g., Insurance Defense, Workers’ Compensation Defense, Construction Defect, Manufacturer’s Liability Defense, Auto Subrogation, Health Subrogation, Med Pay/PIP Subrogation, Workers’ Compensation Subrogation, etc.), complete the form to the best of your ability by entering text in the fields provided, and then the form can be printed and/or saved to your computer, scanned or faxed. In whatever manner you choose, forward the completed File Referral Form, along with the file, to the address located at the top of the form. There is no need to send a cover letter when using our File Referral Forms. If you have questions regarding referring files to MWL, please go to our FAQ page – your answer may be there.


At the heart of our new website is the largest and most thorough collection of insurance resources found anywhere, all of which can be accessed via our RESOURCES tab on our main menu bar. You can search a decade of NEWSLETTERS for articles on every insurance-related subject imaginable or our numerous PUBLISHED ARTICLES on insurance topics that have been published in national magazines and online insurance sites across the country.

Under the RESOURCES tab you will also find information on our PUBLISHED BOOKS, including general information about each of the books, such as a Table of Contents, a link to our publisher’s website where the books can be purchased, and brochures for each books. The five books we have authored and published are:

Also under our RESOURCES tab you will find our heavily-visited SUBROGATION CHARTS, the most comprehensive anthology of 50-state subrogation laws to be found anywhere. Each of our Subrogation Charts have now been given a permanent link, meaning if we change out the chart due to an update, the link for each chart will remain the same, so for those charts you use often, feel free to create a shortcut to your desktop or add them to your favorites list – your link to that chart will remain current. These subrogation charts have grown in number and include topics such as:


At MWL we strongly believe education is the key to a successful insurance litigation program and the more educated and well-trained our clients are, the more productive we can be in terms of our representation and the results we can produce. MWL’s Subrogation and Insurance Litigation College provides our clients with an opportunity to receive the most up-to-date training that insurance professionals can receive. Our instructors are experienced insurance litigation and subrogation trial lawyers who make the complicated understandable and easily digestible. Our WEBINARS can be found clicking on the Webinars tab on the main menu bar. This page contains information on the various insurance-related webinars and seminars we offer. All of the topics on this page are organized in categories by subject and have been presented as seminars to our clients across the country or at national insurance conferences in the past. If we have done a webinar on a topic, you will find a button entitled “Watch Now For Free”, which means exactly what it says – you can click on that button to access the recorded version of the webinar at no cost. These recorded webinars can be viewed by one person or a whole company at the same time. Once you click on the button to view a recorded webinar, you are asked to fill out a short registration form and, after doing so, you are immediately sent an e-mail that will contain a password to view the webinar. Once you have logged into the webinar using your password, you will be able to view the webinar and download the handout for it. You only need to register for it once. After you have registered, you will be able to view the webinar as many times as you want by just logging into it with the password you were provided.

The following represent a sampling of the subject areas in which we provide educational opportunities for our clients:

Each of the above categories contains a syllabus of classes offered and a thorough description of the contents of the courses presented. For example, within the INSURANCE DEFENSE AND COVERAGE subject area alone the following courses are contained:

  • ID-101 Interpreting Insurance Contracts
  • ID-201 Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance
  • ID-301 Insurer’s Duty To Defend
  • ID-401 Bad Faith Litigation
  • ID-501 Insured’s Duties and Responsibilities
  • ID-601 Coverage Issues
  • ID-701 Automobile Liability Insurance
  • ID-801 Fire And Property Insurance
  • ID-901 Contribution Litigation
  • ID-1101 Defending Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Claims

MWL presents live Texas CE-accredited webinars every other month. Information on our upcoming webinars can be found on our homepage and on our Blog page under Upcoming Events. These live webinars are complimentary and anyone is welcome to attend. Our website will keep you informed of our upcoming webinars. While it is beyond our control, the Texas Department of Insurance will not provide Texas CE credits for viewing our recorded webinars – only our live webinars. For questions regarding our webinars or seminars, please see our FAQ page, your answer may be there.


We have added a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ) page that can be accessed via our CONTACT tab on the main menu. Please note that we are still in the process of entering questions and answers onto this page, so this page will take shape more as we continue to get questions and answers posted on the page. On this page you will find answers to questions you might have about utilizing the subrogation services of MWL, fee arrangements, file referral, such as what contents of the claims file should be forwarded for evaluation, our webinars, and so much more.


We have made significant improvements to our ASK A QUESTION feature. This feature can be accessed through our CONTACT tab on our main menu bar. It allows MWL’s clients and friends to transmit a question and receive fast and accurate answers to even the most challenging insurance litigation issues. We currently receive an average of 25 questions daily, and we strive to fully answer each question which lends itself to a quick e-mail answer. This has always been one of the most popular features of our website and it promises to be even more so now. If you have an insurance litigation question, this feature allows you to complete a quick form and submit the question electronically – all in a few seconds. The question is instantly assigned to a subrogation lawyer, either at MWL or within one of its 285 sets of local counsel located throughout North America, and an answer to your question is e-mailed to you, usually within 24 hours.

Insurance litigation in multiple jurisdictions remains one of the most daunting challenges in our industry, and this website feature helps you make sense of the over-lapping web of 51 different jurisdictions. It is rare, but if a submitted question requires additional information, significant research, or does not lend itself to a quick, accurate answer, we will notify you and suggest possible means of resolving the issue.

In summary, our new website has all of the other features other websites have – biographical information on our attorneys, firm history, and links to hundreds of insurance and subrogation-related resources of interest to our clients. This is a website of the future and it’s now at your disposal – it is dedicated to our clients. We are certain you will want to bookmark this incredible, new website or save it to your desktop. It is the one-stop-shop for answers to your questions or solutions to your insurance litigation needs – all made simple and accessible.

Douglas W. Lehrer

Douglas W. Lehrer is an insurance trial lawyer and partner with the law firm of Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. Doug has lectured extensively before insurance companies as well as other professional organizations around the country on various insurance-related issues.