It depends. If the file is handled hourly, you still receive only one invoice from MWL. That invoice covers the work done by everybody on the file and carefully sets forth all of the work done within the file. All of our local counsel are required by contract to comply with any Litigation Billing Guidelines our clients set forth. Within our National Subrogation Recovery Program, MWL and local counsel do not duplicate any work done on the file. In fact, the work local counsel performs on a particular file is held in check by the oversight, instructions, and involvement of MWL. Because we understand subrogation in the particular state involved – often better than local counsel does – we make sure that the handling of your subrogation files is efficient and cost-effective.

If a file is handled on a contingent fee basis, you pay only one contingent fee. That contingency fee is shared between MWL and local counsel. Contingency fees are  based on established percentages discussed with and approved by the client when the file is originally referred to MWL for handling.

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