How do I forward a file to MWL for handling?

MWL recommends that you electronically submit your file via our file referral feature on our website, but files can be forwarded to us in whatever manner you choose. Regular mail is fine, unless there is a statute of limitations issue, in which case we prefer that you electronically submit or overnight it, along with contacting us to inform us that you are sending a file with a statute issue. You can also send files electronically as attachments to e-mails, although you should always follow up with us to be certain we received your e-mail, especially those with large attachments as there is always a chance it can end up in a spam folder. If referring or sending files via e-mail, if you aren’t attaching the file to the e-mail, we ask that you forward the complete file at your earliest convenience. Files can be sent to MWL on CD’s as well, along with a MWL file referral form or cover letter (one file per CD please). MWL promptly acknowledges all files received, to let you know the file was received and it is in the process of being evaluated for possible handling. If you don’t hear from MWL within an appropriate amount of time, please contact MWL to verify that we have received your file.

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