MWL is able to effectively handle your matters in all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada through a National Subrogation Recovery Program it has built over the last three decades. This program represents more than 250 insurance carriers, third-party administrators (TPAs), and self-insured entities throughout the country on all lines of subrogation, including personal lines insurance, workers’ comp, fire, group health, casualty, fidelity and surety bonds, auto, inland and ocean marine, ERISA, longshore and harbor workers’ comp, transportation and cargo, aviation, hospital liens, group health and disability, conversion claims, Med Pay, mistaken payment of benefits, and recovery of premiums.

We are often asked if we know of “good subrogation counsel” in various locations throughout North America. The answer is almost always the same: “No.” There are precious few lawyers who thoroughly understand subrogation who can put their knowledge to work for you where you need it. So, rather than settling for a lawyer in a particular location, we bring “good subrogation counsel” to the location you need them by combining our subrogation expertise and the convenience of local counsel. Our contracted local counsel do what we tell them to do and, more importantly, don’t do what we tell them not to do.

MWL is like no national subrogation law firm you’ve worked with before. With a local counsel network of contracted law firms strategically located throughout all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada, we are prepared to tackle your subrogation needs regardless of size, line of insurance, or venue. We are not your typical “file forwarding” firm which, in our opinion, does subrogation an injustice. Rather, we apply our subrogation knowledge, expertise, and experience as the industry leaders in subrogation and our local counsel serve as “boots on the ground” getting pleadings filed and attending routine hearings, etc.

Unlike file forwarding TPA’s, vendors, or law firms, MWL stays heavily involved with each file, from the initial investigation to settlement or verdict. Each of our local counsel have entered into a lengthy contract with MWL which specifies the detail of our relationship, in order to ensure that you receive the same subrogation representation whether your file is being handled in Hungry Horse, Montana, Horsehead, New York, or Deadhorse, Alaska.

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