Duplex: Subrogating Landlord Tenant Property Losses

In the 2003 Miramax comedy Duplex, Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore are Brooklyn landlords to a pesky, rent‑controlled tenant named Mrs. Connelly, played by Eileen Essell. Efforts to get rid of Connelly fail and the tenant’s careless actions cause a … Learn More

The Rise And Fall Of Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Employers Fight Losing Battle Against Tortfeasors Who Cause Premium Increases Workers’ compensation insurance premiums seem to know only one direction – up. On average, premiums rise approximately 5% annually; more, if an insured has experienced significant losses. For many corporate … Learn More

Join MWL for a Free Webinar on Advanced Concepts of California Workers’ Comp Subrogation

Katherine A. Sandoval will be presenting a MWL webinar on Advanced Concepts of California Workers’ Compensation Subrogation on May 11, 2021 from 11:00 to 12:00 p.m. (CDT). There are very few areas in which the law of each individual state vary … Learn More

What Does It Mean To Total A Vehicle?

Understanding the Difference Between Total Loss and Salvage Vehicles Nowhere is the difference between “knowing” something and “understanding” something more evident than when it comes to the relationship between “totaling a vehicle” for insurance purposes and the concept of salvage … Learn More

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Confirms Omnibus Coverage Follows Vehicle, Not Driver

With exceptions not relevant here, the omnibus statute, Wis. Stat. § 632.32, requires every motor vehicle insurance policy issued to an owner to provide that: (a) Coverage provided to the named insured applies in the same manner and under the same … Learn More

This Call May Be Monitored or Recorded For Quality Assurance and Training Purposes: The Risks of Recording Business Calls

You might ask what Vice-President Kamala Harris was best known for prior to becoming the first female vice-president in U.S. history. One piece of notoriety was, as Attorney General of the State of California, she oversaw the prosecution of Wells … Learn More

Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. Wishes Everyone A Blessed Easter!

Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. would like to wish all of our clients and friends a very blessed Easter. While Easter means different things to different people, we celebrate the Good News which Easter represents. It is the fulfillment of … Learn More

Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. Welcomes Timothy D. Edwards To The Firm

Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C. is pleased to welcome Timothy D. Edwards as senior counsel to the firm’s Wisconsin office. Tim brings with him a wealth of insurance and complex litigation experience to MWL’s subrogation arsenal. Tim has over three … Learn More

THE BUCK STOPS THERE: Health Plan Lien Reimbursement From Workers’ Compensation Claims

Health insurance subrogation involves much more than simply making demands on negligent tortfeasors. Coordination of Benefits (COB) is a subset of health Plan subrogation. It primarily concerns itself with situations where two different health Plans, or a health Plan and … Learn More

The Hard Work of Successful Subrogation

Ancient mythology and the modern practice of subrogation would seem to be strange bedfellows. Yet one story from the past has particular relevance when it comes to the never-ending toil required for aggressive and successful insurance subrogation. Sisyphus was the … Learn More